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Large-format Production Software

PosterWorks 5.0 for Microsoft Windows®
PosterWorks 5.0 for Windows is compatible with all Microsoft® Windows operating systems including Windows Vista, XP, and NT. PosterWorks generates PostScript® output, and supports all PostScript compatible printers, interpreters and PostScript RIP software.

PosterWorks 5.0 for Macintosh®
PosterWorks 5.0 for Macintosh is available for System 9 and Macintosh OS X as a Classic Application. PosterWorks does not support the standalone OS X operating system without Classic support. PosterWorks generates PostScript® output, and supports all PostScript compatible printers, interpreters and PostScript RIP software.

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For PW 4.0 users: PosterWorks 5.0 New Feature List



PosterWorks inventor awarded Patent 5,715,331
System using raster and vector data for the resolution-independent enlargement of photographic images

S. H. Pierce & Co. to offer commercial licensing

S. H. Pierce & Co. facial recognition research for Electronic System Design Magazine (ESD) referenced by patents including groundbreaking digital camera.

S. H. Pierce & Co. image processing research for Electronic System Design Magazine (ESD) referenced by National Institutes of Health Image Processing application NIH Image.


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